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At My Florida Mobile Home Insurance, we’ll work with you to understand your unique insurance needs. As  independent agents in Florida, we offer 10 different mobile home insurance companies.  If you request a quotes with us, we’ll follow up with many fine insurance providers. We strive to deliver high-quality, affordable insurance options which are tailored to deliver the value and coverage you’re seeking.

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Some of our insurance partners include the following industry leaders:

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My Florida Mobile Home Insurance (a division of Augustyniak Insurance Group)  is independently owned and locally operated to handle your insurance needs. We offer affordable and reliable insurance choices all across Florida.

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Our Recent Articles:

Who will Insure a Mobile Home in Florida?

Who Will insure a mobile home In Florida?   Curious who will insure a mobile home in Florida or which are the largest Florida Mobile Home Insurance Companies in 2018? We were too!    According to the FL Dept of Insurance, only 20 companies offer homeowners insurance for mobile homes in Florida* as of July 2018.

What is really covered on a mobile home insurance policy?

What is Really Covered on a Mobile Home Insurance Policy in Florida? The biggest difference between a basic or comprehensive policy is the type of damage the insurance company will cover.  The policy covers those causes of loss listed by name in the policy documents (fire, lightning, wind, hail, explosion, and others). It covers the essentials, but not

Florida Mobile Home Insurance

It’s important to know how to buy mobile or manufactured home insurance to protect your family. Our buyer’s guide will help you determine how to get the coverage that is with your budget.  We will help you find the most affordable and comprehensive coverage to protect your family.



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