What is Really Covered on a Mobile Home Insurance Policy in Florida?

The biggest difference between a basic or comprehensive policy is the type of damage the insurance company will cover.  The policy covers those causes of loss listed by name in the policy documents (fire, lightning, wind, hail, explosion, and others). It covers the essentials, but not everything.  The price you pay for a basic policy is less expensive than a comprehensive policy. However, a basic policy is just that – basic.

A comprehensive policy or standard homeowners policy for mobile homes covers many more things that could happen to your home. Comprehensive policy covers any cause of loss (fire, lightning, wind, hail, explosion, burst water pipes, and so on) unless that cause is specifically excluded in the policy. A comprehensive policy is also referred to as “special form” coverage.

The chart below highlights the main differences.

Many companies in Florida sell a basic policy as their mobile home insurance policy. So, before you take that low price policy, we recommend that you know what the policy covers.

The most common type of claim in Florida is from a burst plumbing pipe in the home.  If you purchase a basic policy, your policy would not cover this.

$$ $
What’s Covered?Basic PolicyComprehensive Policy
Fire and Lighting
Wind, Hail, & Tornadoes
Smoke Damage
Damage from Vehicles
Damage from Aircraft
Riots or Civil Commotion
Volcano Eruption
Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse- Florida
Vandalism & Malicious Mischief

Optional, Add-on

Damage by Burglars
Glass Breakage
Falling Objects (ex. Trees)
Freezing of Pipes
Electrical Damage (power surge)
Water Damage caused by Accidental discharge from Plumbing System
Water Damage caused by accidental discharge from appliance
Sinkholes – Florida

Optional Add-on

Optional Add-on

Moving your home to a new location

Optional Add-on

Optional Add-on

Flooding – Natural Disasters

Buy a separate policy

Buy a separate policy


Other Reasons not listed


Yes, unless specifically excluded.

Typically, damages excluded include:

• Ordinance or Law
• Power Failure
• Wear & Tear / Neglect
• War
• Nuclear Hazard
• Intentional Loss
• Governmental Action
• Mold (some may be included in the policy)
• Earth Movement
• Water Damage (some may be included in the policy)
• Flooding (Natural Disaster Type)

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